A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

So there you are sitting wondering why is she writing about this now?
Doesn’t she know that Christmas just forty-four days ago?
Sure, I know but I wanted to share my find with everyone.
You can now buy your own!
How can you resist this special tree that just needs a little bit of love?
You can purchase some light blue fleece material and create your own blanket to wrap around the tree.
This has been added to my wish list for Christmas this year.
One can never have too many trees during the holiday.

One tiny tid bit about me (like it or not), I simply ADORE Charlie Brown & Gang.
Growing up I read all the little comic books (still have many of them), watched the holiday specials (still do), watched the Saturday morning cartoons (short lived), had a few t-shirts, a watch (now broken *sniff*) and a few other items.
I am always on the look out for some cute items and this one fits the bill!

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