Scarf - Finished

Time was short but the challenge was on and I was able to accomplish the task!

The scarf has been washed, wrapped and in the box ready to ship. *phew*

Our nephew has a scarf that my DH made two years ago for him but he has outgrown that one. It was time for a new one and I thought one for a birthday gift would be quite nice. Dh is short on spare time so it was up to me. (He is the one who does the weaving – well, not any more.) I had never weaved before this was my first project. I see small boo boo’s here and there but as my hubby told me they just add character to the item. I guess he is right.

I have my next project lined up, a scarf for my oldest son. He has the yarn picked out, now just to get the yarn ready to weave.

If you are wondering what kind of loom we have it is a Rigid Heddle Loom by Ashford. I think one of our next investments (if I keep this up) will be a stand for the loom. The loom is fine on a table but I think the stand will be a bit more versatile. I am very interested in learning how to make some place mats, guess I will be doing some research over the next few weeks.

Looks like I found a new hobby.

Anonymous said...

The scarf is beautiful- and pretty darn sophisticated. Hard to believe it's your first attempt!

Now to figure out how to block you from yarn sites. :-)

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