The Garden Bath - Review

I was just looking through Etsy a few weeks back not really looking for anything special.
When what did I see?
Some jaw dropping product labels.
I knew I had to have a look at the product inside.
The labels are so eye catching I did not even have a second thought.
My order was processed quickly and arrived without a hitch.
(I just love to get goodies in the mail!)

What did I receive?

Sea Breeze Sugar Scrub - sample size
Peach Fuzz Sugar Scrub - sample size
Island Grapefruit Velvet Butter Cream – sample size

The sample sizes are nicely sized and those labels… wow!
The Island Grapefruit fragrance in the lotion was a bit soft for me. I like the in your face grapefruit fragrance, that makes you want to reach for a napkin and wipe your chin. The lotion is nice, creamy, and thick. First, I used the lotion for my arms but *I* felt it was a bit too heavy for this area. I ended up using it for my heels, (they tend to need a bit of extra pampering), and it worked like a champ. My heels are happy again!

This an emulsified scrub, which means the oils will disperse in the water. There is no mixing the oils in, having your skin feel super greasy after it is washed off, or a slippery tub floor.
I fell in love with the Sea Breeze fragrance; it is nice, crisp, and so clean. The scrub left my skin feeling nice and clean. I did not have to use a lot of get the desired results for my skin. I have not used my peach scrub yet but I can tell you that it is a mouth-watering fragrance.

You will find a nice variety of products for yourself or for someone you want to treat at The Garden Bath .

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