I am not fond of it at all.

I know all the wonderful benefits but really, I don’t like to exercise.

Never really have. Never really will.

I remember in high school (yes, I can remember back that far) when we would have to run two laps around the track before we would start class.

Running.. Oh no, I don’t think so.

I discovered weight lifting in college and fell in love with it. The sad part was that I never kept it up.

Flash forward to now, two kids, frazzled and needing some *gasp* exercise.

We bought a really nice treadmill last spring. I would use it every so often but not constantly. There was always an excuse why I was not on there “feeling the burn.” Just a tiny note, I walk on it not run. (I still am not into running.)

About four months ago, I decided to use the Y membership we have as a benefit from my DH’s company. I was a bit intimidated to start up after all these years. I had always wanted to use an elliptical machine. They look so cool and come on how hard could they really be? OMG! The first day, I got on, plugged in the information, and went for it. About two minutes into the exercise, I was crying inside from the pain. My legs were on fire, arms burning, and I wanted to stop. Two more painful minutes elapsed and then I was able to hop off with my legs feeling like Jell-O. The weight machines were calling my name and figured why not. Ahh.. this was so much better. I went from machine to machine and loved every minute of it. That night I made a decision not the let that elliptical get the best of me.
By the time Christmas rolled around, I was up to fifteen minutes and I was feeling really good.

Then it struck.. The holidays and no time to get my exercise in due to the school holiday break, no babysitter, and kiddos not old enough to be left alone. It will be just fine I kept telling myself; I’ll do my DVD’s, use the treadmill, and keep it up until they go back.

Um.. good intentions.

I ended up sick for two weeks, house needing to be cleaned up, errands all over the place and me never exercising.

This past week, I dusted off the treadmill and figured that I should get back on the wagon. What am I thinking? I used it five out of seven days, not too bad.

Today, I was back at the Y. I was not looking forward to the elliptical; I knew it was going to kick me. I plugged in my information and off I went. To my surprise, I did eleven minutes! Not bad considering I have not been on it in two months. The weights are another issue; they have all new weight machines. How could they do this to me?

I liked the old white ones, but these fancy shiny new red ones have replaced them. *sigh* Guess I will have to give them a chance and I did use a few of them today.

Looks like I am back on the exercise kick for a bit.

Shh…don’t tell anyone but I think I just may like to exercise a little bit now.

Off to find some aspirin….

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