Votive Review

I simply love candles/votives/wax melts.

It is so comforting and beautiful to see a candle burning.

When I opened my Little Black Box the other day, I zipped through all the goodies to check for anything wax. (Kinda like when you were a kid and stuck you hand down the center of the box of cereal for that special prize waiting for you. You just knew it was in there somewhere.)

I had found a melt but there had to be something else (not that there is anything wrong with melts…just looking for any other wax goodies), there just had to be. I decided to open the other box that was in my big box.

Ah-ha! In this wonderful little black box that was secured with a lovely red ribbon there was a votive! (<---That's the box.)

I knew what I was going to try immediately (I had found my prize!).

This little gem was from Contemporary Candles.

The votive was a great fragrance; it reminded me of something but what I could not place. It was not too floral (*phew* because I tend to develop massive migraines with floral fragrances) but it has sort of an edge to it. Quite nice is all I have to say.

I placed it in a nice tight glass votive holder, placed it in the kitchen and lit it. Looking at it I knew it might have a problem room with fragrance so I moved it to our main bathroom.

The votive burned nicely with a full pool (that would be the melted wax around the wick) and the fragrance was great. The bathroom was filled with the wonderful relaxing fragrance. I really wish I knew what the fragrance was, there was not a fragrance listed that I noticed on the box or the card that came with the votive. I tried to find it on their list but nothing seemed to fit, perhaps I will send them an email and inquire.

I have burned this votive now for three days and have not been disappointed.

This is one company that has totally impressed me with their votives.

Give them a try and see what you think.


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