Tinkering about

Today was the day to make bath bomb cupcakes.
I have wanted to try these for quite sometime and today was that lucky day.
Let’s just say the frosting was a wee bit of a disaster for me. (What else is new?)
The bag sprung a leak due to the icing being too hard, and I had to scramble to fix the whole mess. (Thank goodness for extra Ziploc bags and icing tips!)
I will be attempting these again later in the week.
Oh don’t worry I’ll post my trial batch tomorrow – minus the disaster.

Finally, I created some new labels for a whole bunch of goodies to be mailed overseas.
I find creating labels fun, call me strange.

Worked on boxing some other goodies up for another friend, your package will be on the way tomorrow. I know, about time.

Washed some blankets since it was nice and windy outside. What an easy way to get a bit of fresh air in the house.

I think I will relax with one of my boo-boo bath cupcakes tonight.

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