If I must...

Yup, those are really my dh’s shirts waiting for weeks now to be ironed.
All 23 of them. *shuffles foot.. yeah, 23 shirts* He has a lot of extra shirts.
I really despise ironing and I am quite lucky he does not complain about this situation.
I do have good intentions but I never seem to get past that stage.
I bought a new iron a few years ago; I figured it would help me “like” ironing.
Um.. no, I like the iron but still not the job.
I know many ask me how can I not like doing it, it is mindless and goes so fast.
*sigh* Not for me.
I set up in front of the tv, to keep me going but that does not even make a dent.
Constantly I count how many are left and how long it is taking me to get done.
I have tried doing them each week but somehow they just end back up on a hanger waiting for me.
You will find me ironing all the shirts today and being done again for oh, another month.

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