Baking Finds

You have created the perfect cupcake but you want something just a bit more to dress it up.

Now you can have that extra special touch.

I stumbled upon these really beautiful cupcake holders while looking for some molded sugar decorations.

The holders are laser cut to create that beautiful detail for you and your guests to enjoy. They offer nineteen different types for you to select from.

You can purchase them here and check out their blog.

How cute are these ice cream cone cupcakes?
A silicone mold creates a “cone” that is really the cake part, all you have to do is all the icing and they are ready to serve!
If you have never used a silicone pan before don’t be afraid they are wonderful. Your baked goods never over bake in them and they are so easy to use.
Go to Collections Etc. for this item. I have ordered from them a few times before and have always been happy with my products.

(You can also find a set of three really cute baking pans while your there.)

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