Finally Done!

I am really embarrassed to admit this but we actually still had a few Christmas decorations sitting out on a table.

I mean, I never really intended for it to take this long to get it all put away. Sure I see them daily, and they are right across from my computer desk. I just kept forgetting to pick up a new plastic tote when we went out.

Today they were finally put away. (Now they just to be placed in the attic.)

I had to run out and get some new soccer socks for my son for tonight (nothing like the last minute) and I passed the section of plastic totes. I stopped, turned and went down the aisle. I actually remembered that we needed one and was not going to put it off any longer. I went down the aisle and there was the perfect tote for all of our decorations.

I snapped the picture before I nestled all the decorations carefully away until we need them again.. only nine months from now.

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