It's Soccer Time

Last night was the first practice for the season and it was cold!!

Spencer has been bouncing off the walls since we received a phone call from his coach on Saturday stating when practice would start. He was dressed a full hour early, walking through the house with his cleats on and me reminding him a bazillion times to take them off while inside.

The magical hour arrived and we were off to the first practice. He was a bit nervous (he’s a quite boy) but his coach had them all state their names and begin drills right away – no time to dwell. They were doing their footwork, pairing with partners, working in small groups and then finally a tiny scrimmage. The parents on the other hand were trying to keep warm the whole time. It was about 45 degrees, windy and just plain raw. We all watched the first few minutes (being brave) and then slowly everyone began to go off to their cars where there was some warmth. I thought to myself; enjoy the cool now for in about four weeks we will be sweltering out here.

After a good long hour practice all the children found their ways to their cars with their warm parents waiting. Off we all drove back to our homes until the next practice on Friday.

Spencer enjoyed himself but was already stating what was a bit sore by the time we pulled into the drive way. A hot cup of chocolate, good hot bath to relax him (used one of my cupcake bath bombs) and he was in bed by eight thirty fast asleep.

Monika said...

your blog is awesomeness, i added it to my favourits!

Sandy said...

Thank you for your kind words

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