This is Teddy (aka: Teddyboy, Teddy Spaghetti, Sir Fluffums) one of our dogs.
I have never had a dog with so much personality.

Just a few of his many quirks..
He will go out first thing in the am but if it is too early (before 7:30) he will go back to bed for another hour or two.
When the boys are in school he must go for the morning ride and be in the front seat. (window cracked for a bit of fresh air)
Bed time for him is 9:30 (promptly) and never ever try to move him when he is sleeping or he will give you the evil eye.
He carries his dog dish like Snoopy so that he can go somewhere else to eat and then lick the dish clean.

This past week he went in for his yearly shots and is now known as the stick dog.

You would think because he likes to fetch right?
Well he does like to fetch but it is because he loves to chew on sticks and then they get caught across the roof of his mouth.
We have been to the vet one too many times asking for assistance on getting them removed.

Silly dog.

Just thought I would share him with everyone.

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