Cupcake Bath Bombs – Round One

Last Sunday, I attempted making some cupcake bath bombs.

I have seen them on many sites, I wanted to try making my own but never really knew what to use for the icing. Then I saw this post from The Soap Queen’s Blog. The wheels began to churn that these were something I could do and would try when the time was right.
I did not use the recipe provided for the bottom part, just the recipe for the frosting.
All the ingredients were set up in order, this way there was no way I could flub up or so I thought.

I mixed all my ingredients for the bottom, using Wilton yellow color and Apricot Freesia fragrance oil from Bramble Berry.

Just a side note: this Apricot Freesia is the best and I have tried quite a few over the past nine years.

Right, so I begin to put the mixture into the cupcake liners and making to press down really hard. (I was feeling quite proud of myself everything was going the way it should.)

Now it was time to make the frosting. I followed the directions but it was still a bit hard. I added in about another teaspoon of water (yes, I did measure the water.) Mixed that in, lifted out the electric beaters before totally stopped and there went a tiny bit of icing on the wall. I can clean that off, could have been worse. Still seemed a bit too thick but I placed it in a Ziploc bag (just nipped off a corner and put on a decorators tip) and felt full of hope. Gave it a good squeeze, and it was a bit stiff. Think to myself ah it will be all right just keep going. So I keep squeezing, placing a small band on the top of one bottom, then it happened. The bag burst on the side, icing all over and me scrambling to get the icing into another bowl. I was able to squeeze out a bit of
the remaining icing in the bag to the top of the cupcake bath bomb. Back to the bowl, I turned on the water and put some water in (oops, forgot to use a measuring soon) mix it up again and now it is runny.
Perhaps it will thicken in time.
What was I thinking?
I placed it in a new bag and hope for the best. It was sort of working, allowing me to add a whipped look to the tops but I would soon find out that they would not be there for long. The icing went flat so I added a few sprinkles.

The icing did finally harden after twenty-four hours and the bottom part is rock hard.
My son saw one in the bathroom and said, “Mom this cupcake looks too freaking real.”

Next time, I will use a measuring spoon with the water and know what to look for when I create the icing. I purchased a wider decorators tip perhaps this will help the bag from splitting. I hope to tinker with another batch this week.

^^^^This was the first cupcake I tried to create, the one where the bag exploded on me.

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