First Photos

Yesterday was a simply beautiful spring day.

The morning started out foggy but soon that burned off and we were left with brilliant day.
I rustled up the family early so we could get a nice start on the day to take pictures and a nice walk. I grabbed the fully charged new camera and we were off.
We ended up walking in our local city, which has fabulous park areas and open spaces.

I promised that I would share some pictures and these are a few of the images I was able to capture from the day that were worth sharing.

Some pictures were cropped in Photoshop but for the most part I have left them alone.

^^ I love this tree!

Nate & Spencer atop a some rocks in the falls park.

Bib (aka: The Michelin Man) is located on the only retail shop in North America.

I think Bib is so cool. :-)

I still have a bit to learn about the camera but I kind of have the hang of it now. Next weekend, will be my first attempt at sports pictures when Spencer has his first soccer game of the year.

Oh.. what kind of camera did I get? An Olympus e-330 SLR.

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