Camera Update

The good news is my camera did arrive on Wednesday right before I left to pick up the kids from school. (Woo-hoo!) I ripped opened the box, held the camera, grabbed the instructions and off I went. I sat in the car reading the easy first 10 step instructions and then began the slow plunge into the BIG book of directions *gulp*. I was expecting to be able to take a few pictures right away, not so fast there Sandy. I had to charge the battery for up to five hours.. Drat! So, I get home help Spence with his homework and then dig out the battery to charge and plug it in. Check on it again and again, by the time it is ready (10 pm) and I’m ready for bed. It can wait until the next day.
So yesterday I wake with a mighty migraine that left me flat on my back and sick to my tummy. All I want to do is play, tinker and try the camera. In this state however, there was no way I was doing much of anything. I did slap together three lunches, zip the kids to and from school.
*sigh* by nightfall, it was not much better but I was able to put the strap on. (You know I have to be ill if I pass on watching the Thrashers on tv. I never miss their games when they are on.) I crawl into bed by 8:30 pm, and wake up at 1:30 am still in pain.
Arrgghh... I pop a few more Excedrin Migraine and go back to sleep.
I wake up this morning feeling like a wave has just washed over me, no more headache!!
Today I can play with the camera for a little bit.
I have thought myself how to delete the pictures already. The four pictures that I have already taken were quite blurry.
Hummm…. I think this may take a bit longer to get the hang of than I thought.
Perhaps I have too shaky a hand?!
Looking forward to going out this weekend trying to get some nice pictures of the local area. Don’t worry I’ll share them with you.

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