Camera Shopping

I'm looking to purchase an SLR camera.
I tend to research things way beyond what most would do.
Right now, I am really torn between the Nikon 40D and the Pentax 100D Super.

I like the Pentax because we would be able to purchase older Pentax lenses and they would still work. (how cool is that?!)
The Nikon seems to fit my hand better. (being picky)
I do like the photo quality of both cameras.
Decisions, decisions… and I am not good with making decisions.

What will I snap photos of… um.. well, my family, outdoors, my son playing his sports, and just everyday stuff. Not a professional here in any way, shape or form. Just want some really decent photos and would really like to have a nice camera.

If anyone has some input on either camera, please let me know!

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