A new yummy find

Dh had the day off today, so we went out to lunch.

We decided to go to a local Middle Eastern restaurant and have pita sandwiches.

The last time we were there I had no time to eye the yummy desserts they had displayed. This time however, I made it a point to look them all over. Three glorious shelves packed (and I mean packed) with different mouth watering desserts.

So many to select from, but one caught my eye.

Pistachio Baklava.

mmm…. pistachios.

I had never seen baklava made with pistachios, so it was quite an easy decision for me.

Finally, my fresh pita sandwich was finished and I could now concentrate on the all important item left for me to enjoy.

(Trust me it was hard not to dive into the baklava while we waited for our food.)

Let me tell you that this was some of the best baklava I have ever had. I am not a big fan of regular baklava (I know, I know), it’s the honey. I don’t really like honey. (I can thank my mom for that tiny issue. You see she would make me take a spoonful of honey when I had a sore throat. *gag* I never liked the taste nor the thickness. )

It was not too sweet, not dry, not too much honey and stuffed with pistachios.

What a yummy treat!

I have to say it was so delightful it really was the perfect ending to my lunch.

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