Trip to the Doctors

I spent just over hour at our pediatrician’s office.
My boys have been home since late last week running a fever, coughing, sniffling, and over the weekend came the complaints that their chests hurt. I was hoping when I woke up today that they would be ready to head back to school.

No such luck, I was off to the doctors instead.

I called into the doctors at 8:15 and was told to be there by 11:50, not too bad.
I arrived early eager to get in before our appointment and be done early. HA!
Open door, and holy cow, there are people all over in the sick area and of all ages. I knew that there is a huge flu outbreak here in South Carolina but this was crazy.

We waited about thirty minutes before we were even taken back to a room. (Not a good sign.) There were so many people coming in, they were now sitting in the healthy area of the office, and some were leaving their cell numbers to be called while they waited in their cars. I have never seen so many in there, ever and it has been ten years now. There was just a steady stream of sick looking children, poor kids. The whole time all that was going through my head was that I did not want us to pick up any of this stuff going around.

Finally, we were in our little “safe” room. All temperatures were take, symptoms jotted down and now just to wait for the doctor. She zipped in, looked over the symptoms on the computer and said she was happy to see some “healthy” children. I think I would be too after what we just witnessed. Turns out one has an earache (he never complains when he has them) and Bronchitis and the other on the edge of developing Bronchitis. Once she was done emailing our prescriptions, she smiled at all of us and said, “Now hopefully, we will not see you back here next week with another type of illness with all that is hanging around that waiting room.” I smiled and told her not if we could help it.

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