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Why is it?

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4:28 PM

This is my question of the day.

Why is it that when you fill up your gas tank in the AM 1 ½ hours later the price is down .07 cents?!

I have watched our gas prices take a tumble over the past few weeks which is such a relief from when we were battling with little to no gas in the area just a month ago.

Really, there are no complaints in this household.


I needed some gas I could have waited, apparently should have waited but nah, I went and filled up this morning.

I mean it was $1.77 (great price) but when I zipped past the station 1 ½ hours later the price was down to $1.70.


Sure it is only .07 cents but those .07 cents do add up.

That extra savings could go for a new tube of lip gloss, a candle, and soap supplies; there are quite a few things I could think of off the top of my head.


Ah well.

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