Hanging up the hat & calling it a day….

My chauffer hat is officially off.

I have played chauffeur all day today for dh and the kiddos.

Seems like I forgot to mention that dh’s car died on Monday and we have been down to 1 car all week.

Anywho… today I was the driver for everyone.

Dh had been able to work from home up but today he had to be in the office.

My day went something like this….

Dropped kiddos off at school, then drove 50 minutes to take dh to work, back home run a few errands. Two hours later off I left again to pay for the car, get kiddos from school, then drive back up to dh’s office.

The trip back took us quite a bit longer due to the rubber necking for a really bad accident in the south bound lane on the highway.

I mean the north bound lanes were backed up like something crazy.


Then drove back home again taking all back roads due to the massive back up on the highway. Not to mention that there was fog that was settling in, accidents galore, and Clemson football traffic. *joy*

Dropped dh off to pick up his car and then I was finally able to head home.

It is so nice to be back home surrounded by a tiny bit of quiet, two happy dogs and in my jammies.

I don’t plan on bringing out my hat again any time soon.

I am calling it a day.

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