Don’t Go Touching My Groceries….


I went and did some grocery shopping today, not a big deal.


When it came time for me to check out I scooped out the shortest line and zipped into place.

The woman in front of me purchased some stamps and the cashier needed to go over to the front desk for them. It took about four minutes plus or minus before she came back and finished the transaction.

No biggie or so I thought.

I heard this woman behind me complaining to the person behind her about what was talking I politely ignored her because I did not want to go there.

Finally I was up, my items were being checked out and packed all together running smoothly or so I thought.

Next thing I know the elderly woman behind me was pushing up all the food in the cart to the front, placing some on the little stand by the cashier.


The cashier looked at me and I just stood there dumbfounded.

I did not want to make too big of a stink (respecting the elderly) but she was touching my food!

The cashier told her to please step back and told her that she was actually slowing her down.

The woman kept on moving the food.

When my cashier stopped checking out the food, she took her time packing up my items in my green bags, the woman finally stepped back and pushed the cart down to move hers up!

You could have scraped me off the floor by this time because I was just totally amazed at her boldness.

I did have a tiny bit of fun with her just as she thought I was going to pay I handed the cashier my stack of coupons! Lol..

I know if it ever happens again, I will be speaking up and please if you see me with my groceries - DON”T EVER TOUCH MY GROCERIES!

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