I survived shopping...

Today we had to go out shopping for some dress clothes for Nate; he has a big banquet tomorrow night.

We (including dh) headed out to a local department store and began our search.

I was hoping that it would be painless because sometimes it can be quite painful.

The first thing we needed to decide was if he would wear just a sweater or a sport coat.

Decision = sport coat

Dh said he had a jacket that would fit him. Super!

Next up find a nice white button down shirt.

We searched high and low and discovered one a bit buried on the shelf.

Shirt = done

Now what color tie?!

(inside I was gasping… a tie!)

Nate liked red, I found a really cool red/blue plaid and K found a nice orange one.

After holding many up to a sport jacket like the one we had at home it was the orange tie that won.

Meanwhile, Spencer was bubbling around the Men’s Dept. finding sweaters and various shirts for his big brother. Then he discovered some winter hats that he had to try on and a pair of gloves that he really wanted. I was all for buying the gloves the problem was that they were too big. He was disappointed that we would not be getting them but was back to giving us a big chuckle shopping.

Last but not least a new pair of pants.

That was really the easiest find out of everything.

Next up – off to the shoe store for some dress shoes.

We left with three pairs of various shoes.

He found a great pair of leather shoes on clearance for $30, a pair of soft warm (acceptable – his words) slippers on clearance and last but not least a pair of his favorite Avia sneakers half price on sale for $24 (his current ones we discovered had holes this past weekend *rolls eyes*).

It was actually quite painless and enjoyable to go shopping today with him.

Thank goodness.

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