Close Call....

I was walking in a daze this morning due to a wonderful migraine that decided to hang on for another day. Lucky me..

The boys did not need lunches made (thank goodness) because they have opted to buy at school lately. I threw together a quick sandwich with some fruit for dh and then made some eggs for us (dh & I).

I decided to have an English muffin but used a really sharp knife to split it apart.

>not a wise choice<

With knife in hand, I started to cut apart the muffin but I did not move my finger out of the way fast enough.

It was really odd because I could feel it cutting the skin on my thumb but it just did not register.

I simply just kept cutting.

No blood was lost, and I still have my thumb connected but I did slice off a nice hunk of skin.

Note to self: Never use a knife to cut when suffering from a migraine.

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