Cooking with Apples an e-book Cookbook Review

I must apologize to the author for taking so long in getting this review up.

I am so very sorry.

Time just has not been on my side lately and then I ran out of apples.

Seriously, who runs out of apples in the fall?!

Right let’s get to the good stuff!

Cooking with Apples by Lousia McCree

I love apples, they rank up in the top three on my list of favorite fruits.

This is one great e-book that I feel you will get plenty of use out of and will keep going back for new ideas. You will be treated with 94 wonderful recipes to try. There are recipes for drinks, entrees, lunch ideas, side dishes and yes, mouthwatering baking recipes. These recipes are well put together, easy to follow and do not require any fancy ingredients. I have had a great time creating these recipes and have yet to be disappointed.

There is a wonderful page on what type of apples are good for baking, eating, and simply eating. I always forget and have ended up with some interesting outcomes. *blush* Trust me this quite a handy little chart to have. There is nothing worse then putting all your ingredients together, looking forward to a yummy treat and then finding out that your apples have turned to mush.

This is my result from making the Apple Berry Crumble recipe.

I used raspberries, peaches and apples to create this wonderful dessert.

Dh was absolutely head over heals for this and has been pestering me to make it again.

It is not overly sweet and is just bursting with all the wonderful fruit flavors.

Oh! It is totally fab with our without whipped cream. *cough* I say go for the whipped cream. *cough*

You can mix up the types of fruits that you want to use and each time you will have a new treat to enjoy!

I also tried the Apple Crumble Cake recipe.

Mmmm… the bottom of this cake reminded me of shortbread with wonderful apples on top.
The item that took the most time for this recipe was cutting the apples.

Let your fingers walk on over to the website for Cooking with Apples.
This would make a fantastic gift for yourself, or anyone you know who enjoys cooking/baking. This will not break the budget and just think of all those mouth watering recipes just waiting to be whipped up.
This e book is only $9.97 and it comes 90 day money back guarantee.
Not that I think you will need nor use that guarantee.
I know that I am really enjoying my book and those who receive this will really thank you!

Psst... what are you still doing here?!
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