Drought - Lake Hartwell

I know that I have mentioned about how bad the drought has become for us in our portion of SC.

You can read about it here, here and here.

Now, today I had to go to another city to get some sewing needles (a whole other story) which meant we would be going over Lake Hartwell.

When we arrived to a portion of the lake we were totally blown away.

We were told that the lake has about 300 days of water left, so we knew it would be low but not this low.

A bridge in the distance that should have H2O under it.

After our errands were done we opted to stop and walk around snapping pictures.

There were some people out fishing in what little water was left and that just looked odd.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.

I was totally amazed by the amount of trash that we saw and I sure hope that it will be cleaned up while the levels are so low.

My hope that we can have some assemblance of rain soon but the prediction

is to have a warmer and dry winter.

It really does not look good.

There is a rope still attached to the boat even though there is no water.

The boys by a sign that states Shoal - look at where they are and where the water should be!

This buoy should be floating.

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