Scratch, roll, scratch....

Yes, this is the sound that woke me up from my deep slumber early this morning.

Teddyboy was itching something fierce and then began rolling all around the floor.

His id and shot tags were jingling like mad.

There was no way that I could sleep nor even attempt to sleep with all that racket going on.

However, dh can some how always sleep through the sound.

I swear it is a male thing.

So, I popped out of bed at the awful hour of 4:15 am and left the dog outside since he was now pacing around me.

While Teddyboy was outside, I opted to get the hair dryer and give him a surprise.

I know, why wash the dog at that time of day?!

Well, there was no way I could go back to sleep (once I am up, I’m up) and I was tired of hearing him scratching.

Fifteen minutes later, one fluffy clean dog.

No more itching, no more rolling, and no more scratching.

Once he had his treat, off he went to fluff his bed in the family room and fell fast asleep.


I however am still up; I think a nap will be in my future this afternoon.

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