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New Day Soap Company - Review

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8:23 PM

A few weeks ago I purchased some soap from New Day Soap Company on Etsy.

With the way things had been going I needed a teeny tiny pick me up and the Wild Blueberry soap was calling my name.

My soaps were shipped quickly and packaged very nicely.

I bought the Wild Blueberry, Wasabi and received a sample of Badedas.

The wasabi is a super salt bar (lots of bubbles), topped with a little salt and the fragrance is defiantly fresh.

The blueberry soap I am saving until the dead of winter to refresh my senses and remind me of the summer. This bar smells so good, just like real blueberries.

Shh… I have found a new fragrance that I really like and that would be the Badedas.

It is one fragrance that I would never have thought of trying but I’m really glad that I received my sample. >grin<

I have a few other soaps on my list from this company so I know I will be back!

Why not give New Day Soap Company a try if you are looking for some new soap.
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