2 Soccer Games in 1 Day….

Yesterday was the end to the fall soccer season here.

Spencer’s first game was at 10 am, we had to be at the field by 9:30 and let me tell you it was chilly!

When we arrived for the first game it was 42 but by 1:00pm for the championship game it was 70 and sunny; so much for the cooler weather we had been having.

Nov. 1st and it was warm enough to go barefoot!

The team warmed up and was ready to play and they did.

Sign made by one of his teammates to cheer them on.

We were missing two players which meant no substitutions for the team; we would just have to make do. Midway through the first period one of our missing players showed up and was ready to get in the game. They won the first game 7-0, I felt bad for the other goalie. He was a former teammate to Spencer and he played his heart out but without any defense it is hard to do it all.

We had about an hour an a half between games, just enough time to head home, rest, stretch out and head back to the field.

The team learned from their coach that the other player missing was quite sick with pneumonia so they dedicated this game to him.

They played their hearts out, and they won the championship game!!

A beautiful hawk circling above us, I wish I had a stronger lens.

Each member was awarded a medal and ever since it was placed around his neck, he has worn it for hours on end.

The team headed to Pizza Inn for a little celebration, I think they earned it.

Soccer is done now until March (I think), it will feel strange not going to practice or a game but I think I could get used it. *wink*

I love this picture of Spencer snapped as he headed off to the first game.

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