What was I thinking?!

Apparently, I was not thinking today.

You see we decided to go swimming and before heading into the dh’s office.

Yeah, he sometimes has to work on Sundays rebooting servers. Boo!

I hustled the boys around gathering their clothes (we changed before heading to the pool because it saves a wee bit of time), making sure all gym bags were packed, and that we had something to do while at dh’s office.

We were done in record time and off for a nice afternoon swim in a heated indoor pool.
(The pool was actually a bit on the cool side.)

Dh pulled in the parking lot, I grabbed my bag and to my horror I do not see my clothes.

I start to frantically dig through my bag looking for them, they had to be there but they were not. How in the world could I have forgotten my clothes?!

Flash back – I pulled out my clothes to pack. I had forgotten to put my t-shirt on over my suit, it is always something. I placed my clothes down on the bed, pulled on my t-shirt, grabbed my library book (needed that to read) and went into the kitchen. Then we all stated we were ready to go and I never went back for my clothes. *sigh*

Yes, I did end up going swimming.
I kept my swimming top on with my t-shirt over it and borrowed dh’s shorts.
What a sweetie.

He treated me to a nice large hot cup of cocoa to warm me up since the office still has on the air conditioning. Brr!

My poor old noggin needs a break.

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