Coming Together....

You ever have a time when things just start to come together?

*knocking on wood*

Currently, I am in one of those phases and it is so nice.

Things just seem to be falling into place after quite a few bumpy months.

It is like a whole big weight is slowly (very slowly) lifting off of me and perhaps I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I guess the biggest hurdle was placing the dreaded phone call for my second opinion with a specialist. *sigh*

It is really a matter of when not if I need an operation but I feel at peace with it all, so on that front it is good.

Sure, I know things are not always going to be smooth sailing in life but for quite sometime it just seems that we have been on a stormy sea.

It is nice to see items settling down for a bit and being able enjoy ourselves for a tiny bit.

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