A bundle of nerves...

Today is the day before I head to the Dr’s for my second opinion and I am a bundle of nerves. *ugh*

I have gone from being totally stressed/tense to having a bundle of nervous energy.

Honestly, I don’t think my cup of coffee helped the situation either. (nope, not always a morning coffee drinker)

I started yesterday with making a roasted chicken dinner (comfort food), whipping that up into some homemade chicken soup and on a cleaning roll.

I have been catching up with surveys that I have had waiting for a few days but that is not taking the edge off.


Looks like I will go rustle around in the kitchen and see what I can get into.

Thinking some biscotti (need some for breakfast), homemade noodles for the soup and perhaps dinner.

Dinner but it is so early you say.

Well, I have to take Spencer shopping for some goalie gloves after school which means we will be getting home right around dinner time. This way it would be done and we can go on with our night.

Right… tunes turned on to keep me going, will hit the treadmill and get come cooking done!

FlipFlop Mom said...

What's the news dearheart?? I hope everything is ok....thinking of you!!

Sandy said...

Aww.. thank you very much for your concern. Looks like it is a wait and see. :)

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