A walk down memory lane....

I was procrastinating changing bedding and washing the towels yesterday and I spent some time surfing the web. Not really looking for anything, just taking it all in.

Background: At one point in my life I had a business online selling bath & body products. It was fun, exciting, stressful and quite rewarding. After three thrilling and successful years I made the decision to stop. It was not an easy action (telling my regular customers and wholesale accounts was quite hard) but one that was right for me at the time. I never thought I would want nor need my product pictures, so I went deleted a good portion of them. As time went on I began to realize that I should have not been so hasty to hit that delete button. I nuked my first cp pictures, some intricate glycerin soaps, and other products I was pretty proud of creating. *sigh*

All this brings me to yesterday and my surfing. I stumbled upon Internet Archive Way back Machine. This site allows you to pull up old sites that used to be online and show you current sites and how they changed.

Humm… I sat there so excited and wondered could my site still be there?!

Quickly my fingers typed in the old web addy, I hit enter and after a few churns BAM! there were the links to my old site. *sniff*

I poked around and I was able to get some of my pictures back, I thought they would be gone forever. Looks like I was wrong.

The first snapshot is of my very first site. I had a welcome page that you had to click through to enter the site. On the very first day my site went live I had two orders. I thought it was my designer trying items out, I contacted her and she said that they were true orders. Wow, I was really proud of myself and totally floored! I eventually took over all the runnings to the website.

This was my next change. The background was a light brown quilt pattern, a new logo and still sticking with the country look. I worked with a very nice custom designer and was fully responsible for the site.

This was the final phase of my site. I found a clean white background template, tweeked it for my use and the rest is history. The only thing I really was a better logo, I was never tickled with the tub but it worked for the time.

I hope you don’t mind me rambling along about this but I am so tickled to have some of them back (one of which is a great idea I will share shortly) and to have taken that walk down memory lane. See even back then I would always tinker with how my site looked. lol...

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