Good News!!

I had wonderful news on Thursday.

The news did take a tiny bit of exercise before I was able to obtain it.

How can that be?


I left house on time (9am), drove along quite calm and relaxed through all the traffic.

Forty five minutes later I arrive, now I went to the wrong portion of the hospital complex, no big deal just back track over to the other side of town to where it was.

Drive by the other H-U-G- E complex as I was looking for the street numbers. There were no numbers on any of the buildings.

Thank goodness the street sign caught my attention because on it I noticed -400 block.

I had to turn around and figure out what building was the magical building.

Drive around once, twice and finally on the third time I decided to stop in the Women's Center.

There should be an information booth inside to tell me where to go.

Now it is 10 am.. it will be alright, I have 30 minutes right!?

Go into the parking garage across the street, up the first level, second level, third level – oh! there is spot on the other side of this gate. The sign for the gate states that it is for patrons from 5am to 9pm and to precede to for the gate to lift.


Pull up, gate does not go up.


Pull up a bit more, crud, it will not go up.

Look in my rear view mirror and now I have a tiny little line that formed behind me.

Get out of the mom mobile and tell the elderly woman that she needs to back up because the gate will not rise.

She grumbled something at me, the lady behind her moved out and finally she moved.

Hop back in car, zip up two more levels and found one parking spot.

Now it is 10:05
hustle my rump down three flights of stairs, across the foot bridge, down two more flights, fast walk across this walkway area and finally entered into the lobby. *deep breath*

Spotted the information sign and made a bee line to the desk.

Smiled sweetly and inquired where and how to get to xyz office.

The lovely lady behind the counter flashed me a smile, reached for a map and said, “Oh honey; you really are lost aren’t you.”

Great.. just great..

She explained where I needed to go and I asked her if I had enough time since it was now 10:15. Oh yes, you will have time to spare.

Right, sure I will....

There I go back out the way I came, this time zipping around some women walking outside in labor, up the five flights of stairs, hopping into the mom mobile and *shh* speed raced down the parking garage levels.

Find the office without a hitch (thanks to the directions), race into a parking spot, throw the mom mobile into park and fast walk to the building.

Heart is racing, now I am really sweating (it’s like 77 outside) and a tiny bit out of breath when enter the Dr’s office at 10:40!

Yeesh, I was so flustered when I went to sign in it was not funny.

I asked the receptionist if I should reschedule because I was late.
She looked at the clock, chuckled, smiled and said, “You are more than fine.”

Oh thank you!!

The news… .

There is no need to have surgery right away. *phew*

My Dr. said yes, there is an issue but why tinker with it if it is not totally boken.

We are going to take the wait and see stance, which is fine with me.

I may need surgery one day in the future and I may not, so we shall keep a close eye on the situation.

I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was to me.

My new Dr. is wonderful. He really took his time to listen to my concerns and address some items I had not thought about.

You can say I am one happy camper right now.

>I will spare you the details of me semi watching surgery from the consultation room. You see the room looked right down into an operating room in the emergency trauma center. *eek!*<

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