So tired....

Today was one of those crazy days that occur every so often.

This is how my day panned out:

Up early.

Packed three lunches.

Breakfasts made for kiddos.

Put dishes away from dishwasher.

Washed a load of laundry.

Dropped kiddos off at school.

Home to hang up clothes outside.

Grabbed coupons and headed back out.

Dropped off 2 prescriptions for dh.

Zipped to grocery store (had only 30 minutes).

Went off to find some gas before next item (scare here now).

Off for a cut and color (love the new color).

Back home to unload groceries (they were in a cooler).

Leave dogs out & back in the house.

Heat up Lean Pocket, grab an apple and out again.

Wait in lines for both kids (roughly 1.5 hrs of wait time).

Pick up Meds (sort of, need to call insurance about one)

Back home to help Spencer with homework. (this kid always has a bunch)

Washed and dried another load of laundry (have yet to fold).

Outside to kick balls at Spencer.

Feed dogs.

Take down laundry & put away.

Talked to dh on his way home and decided to have pizza for dinner (Cooking was not on my list.)

Ordered pizza & salad then off to pick up.

Eat - then place dirty dishes into dish washer.

Answered many questions from Nate all through the night (mental drain).

Watched Ghost Hunters, sifted through emails and now I can say....

Time to call it a day!

Then again... tomorrow does not look much better.

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