Hey Goalie!!

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Saturday morning was soccer time.
Spencer decided that he would step up to the plate and become the goalie for his team.
His coach asked earlier in the week who wanted to be goalie, only two raised their hands and only one was selected. Spence has always wanted to play the goalie position, now is his chance.
He was so nervous on Friday night, his stomach was killing him.
Poor kid.
It would be a tough game for him to say the least. In the first two minutes of the game, the other team scored and he ripped open his knee diving for the ball. He hopped back up and was ready position. Down came the team, his defense was nowhere to be found and yep, they scored again on him. :-(
The game went on and he let two more past him.
After the last one zipped into the upper corner of the net he begged his coach to be taken out. Thank goodness they have one other player who will pitch in for that position.
Overall, he did a wonderful job.
The other team had about thirteen shots on goal and to let only four go by was really good.
The other coach came over told him that he did a great job and to be proud of himself, which I thought was really nice.

He left the game with a very heavy heart because he felt he left his team down but he was so ready for practice tonight.

Fingers are crossed that this week will be a bit better for him.

Then again, it sort of has to be because my birthday is Saturday. *smile*

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