Alrighty… yesterday, I was hustling around to dry my hair after cleaning up from tackling a deep house cleaning today.

Finally, it was time to plug the hair dryer in and get started.

Pushed in plug, front metal grill popped out (not good), then a horrible smell (really not good), so I tipped it up and a few huge sparks flew out *yikes!*.

I quickly turned it off, unplugged it and cursed it for dying on me.

Really, fifteen minutes before I had to leave to pick up Spencer it decided to give out.

The nerve.

I added in some extra manipulator and tossed it with my fingers, it simply had to air dry. *sigh*

This little gem was only a smidge over a year old.

I did try to treat it with TLC but there were a few times that it was*cough*dropped*cough* pretty hard to the floor. That was quite some time, and it worked well without a hitch.

R.I.P. my dear little hair friend.

*Now I need to find a new one that I like. :-<

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