No Gas...

Yeah, no need to rub your eyes or adjust your glasses.

This is such a common sight here in the Southeast right now, it is really mind boggling.

Gas was a bit spotty, meaning some stations would have it and others not.

Today however there was little to no gas to be found.

Kiddos had the day off so we went out to get some supplies for a school project for Spencer. (Dh took the day as a vacation day.) We took dh’s car because his car needed gas; off we went on the great hunt. We went by 10 stations in the next MAJOR city and nothing, so we headed back towards home and stopped at one station not too far from the house the line was so long. As we sat there, the workers came out and covered a few handles. Alrighty.. since we were so far back and things were not looking too good we left. The station right by the house had gas this AM but we really wanted to find some cheaper and you guessed it, they were out by time we got back home.

The car was on fumes (no joke) when we pulled into the driveway. Time to take the mom mobile out to find some gas, and we were in luck! We found one station in town that has gas!! We waited a few minutes and it was our turn.

Dh put some in my car and filled up our five gallon little red gas can. Headed back home and put that into his car, it barely gave him an eighth of a tank. So…the two of us went back out and sure enough they are out! Drove around town all 20 stations are empty!

Reports on the news keep saying it will get better (this has been a week now), I’ll believe it when I see it.

The pipeline that runs from Tx. up this way was shut down for Ike and has only been recently opened up. It is going to take time to get the gas back into production and pumped out.


I know eventually we will have gas in the stations but it really is frustrating.

We shall see if dh can find some to get to work tomorrow otherwise he will be working from home.

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