Midnight run for Brisinger....

Midnight was the release of the third book in the Eragon series – Brisinger

Nate has been counting the months, weeks and hours until today arrived.

I figured we would just go to a bookstore and pick it up for him.
We stopped by the library last week and he found a notice that the local bookstore was going to have a release party from 11-12 on 9/19.

Guess who just had to go.

We did the release parties for book six and seven in the Harry Potter series. There was no way that he was going to miss this event, he would not let us forget the time, date or store.

Dh was the elected party to take him downtown and enjoy the festivities.
Apparently, there were quite a few in costume, great door prizes, fun goodie bags and free snacks.
Nate was thrilled because they had free donuts. (It’s the little things.)

He was able to get his book and he even won a 2009 calendar door prize.

The book has not been put down for any length of time today, I have a feeling he will finish it tonight when he reads in bed.

Notice he is even reading at his brother's soccer game today.

It is always great to see them read!

Anonymous said...

how long/how many pages is the book?

Sandy said...


The book is 766 pages long.

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