A family divided....

Why is it divided you ask?

Spencer has his first soccer game of the fall season today @ 11:30.

Dh won two tickets from work to the Clemson game, kick off is at 12.

Yeah… makes it interesting.

Spencer has never been to a Clemson game, so he is a bit disappointed but on the other hand he is so excited that it is the start of a new soccer season. I told him that I will take him out anywhere he would like for lunch. With that offer he was quite happy, plus he would not have to leave at 9am to get to the football game.

Dh will be taking Nate with him to the game.

It is going to be hot, like 92 today.


Not the kind of weather for a football game in my opinion.

So for a bit today we will be off at different sporting events.

It's all good in the end.

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