Happy Birthday to Me....

Yup, today is my birthday.

Today I have hit the big 4-0.

Now, I have not had a meltdown (I don’t think I will) and I can be honest with my real age.

To me I have always felt that you are as old as you feel and honestly I do not feel my age. I feel perhaps in my early thirties tops, expect on those days that I snap a muscle or two. Lol..

Dh left me a touching handmade card this morning wishing me a wonderful day and other touching words. *sniffle*

Last night Spencer said he hopes his team wins their soccer game today for me. Aww..

I am going to enjoy my day and my family which is just how I want to spend it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Glad Spencer won his game and you had a good day.

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