Thar she goes....

This morning we were running a tiny bit behind getting out the door for school.

(Funny how this seems to happen the further we get into the school year.)

Last night I placed one of our green grocery bags on top of the back end of my car (aka: mom-mobile)

In my head I told myself that I would not forget to put it inside before we zipped out.

Now, knowing myself and how scattered I can be some days this was not a good move.

I put some recycling out before the kiddos were up this morning, noticed the bag and told myself I would get it later.

Uh-huh, later came with us trying to scurry out to the mom-mobile and with only fifteen minutes to get Spencer to school by 8am.

The boys loaded up and out I zoomed of the driveway.

Put the car in drive and went up the road.

Kids are chattering away, neighbor pulls out in front of me (gah! Does she not know I am running late?! Then again, she is going to the same place I am.) and I hear this noise as I slow down for her.

Huh.. wonder what that was for a few seconds until I see fluttering off the roof – my green grocery bag.


Looked at the clock, there was not time to spare to hop out and pick it up.

Off we went.

So, while I am stuck in our tiny little traffic jam (happens every morning on the main road to the school if you leave too late) exiting out of our development, I recall I actually have my phone on me. *surprise, surprise*

Dh was just about to leave for work when we left; he could stop and pick it up!
Gave the old phone a ring-o-ling, he was home!

I had to admit to him that the bag flew off the car and was now sitting in the middle of our street.

He chuckled, told me he would stop and pick it up.


Bag picked up and boys to school on time.

All was right in the end.

My lesson learned: I must put the bag inside and not on top from here on out.

Let’s see how long that one lasts.

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH toooooooooooo funny.. now that sounds like something I WOULD DO!! LOL LOL

Sandy said...

Good to know that I am not alone with these mini disasters. :)

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