Fall Soccer Season Starts

What a beautiful day!

There were a few puffy clouds for a little bit, the sun was brilliant and the teams were ready to play.

It was very toasty being in the sun on the field.

It was about 88 and humid when they took the field with the temperature rising.

The game did not end the way the team would have liked, they lost 5-1. Ouch!

Spencer played his heart out on defense and by the end of the day he was so red, so tired and totally worn out. He ate lunch after he cooled off (he was feeling kinda ill after the game), stated that he was really tired and went off to bed at 4:00 – he is still sleeping!

Being mom, I have gone and checked on him a few times to make sure that he is alright.

I can report to you that he is sleeping soundly and all is well.

So, one game is down with a bit of a sad heart but we have nine more weeks to go.

Bring it on!

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