Oh, Mom....

I sat here on the couch this morning catching up with some emails, doing a few surveys and basically taking a break from it all.

Then I hear this little voice, “Oh, mom *pause* Is that wasp inside the house or in the window?”

A tiny touch of fear was starting to build in his voice.

Spencer has this thing against bugs that fly, and I’m not sure why really.

Dh was on the treadmill and I was chillin on my laptop.

I looked up and said, “Babe you need to handle this now, it won’t be pretty if I do it.”

About three minutes ticked by and there was Spencer still telling us that there is a wasp or something in the house, except now a shrill in his voice.

I simply looked up and said, “Babe.”

Dh went to the window and replied back, “Yup, it is on the inside.”

No sooner were the words out then Spencer was darting up from the couch and ready to bolt from the room. *poor kid*

I mentioned to dh that he had to fix the problem.

He carefully lifted the window and let the wasp fly in, so now it is between the glass and screen. The top corner of the window does not match up properly so if he/she is able too they can escape back into the wild. Otherwise, I guess I will be taking out the Dustbuster and cleaning it up

Once assured that it was not coming back in the house and he could not see it with the mini blind down, he took his spot on the couch.

Dh went back to his walk and I continued on surfing.

Crisis solved.

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