Watermelon Slices - Review

A few weeks back I received an email asking if review a few items, which totally took me by surprise. I graciously accepted the offer and over the next few days I will be sharing my reviews of candy from Oh! Nuts.

First Up: Watermelon Slices

These little watermelon gems were the first to catch my eye and interest to try them.

They were lightly coated in sugar and they absolutely reminded me of a yummy watermelon slice, not to mention the wonderful watermelon sent from the package. *drool*

The slices had a nice firmness to them and I could tell they were quite fresh.

Why do I say that?
If fruit slices sit around too long the rind area starts to become really hard and I have never been a fan of that.

The candies were not excessively sweet even with the added sugar coating nor were they overly strong on the watermelon taste. I had to eat two before I really tasted the watermelon flavoring. The candies came in a great container that kept them nice and fresh.

I did enjoy the watermelon slices and would not hesitate to share them with others. A nice little sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

FlipFlop Mom said...

We use to get those at the beach when I was a kid... somewhere along the lines they changed the formula or something.. cause they are NO WAY near as good now as when I was a kid.. those were AWESOME.. now they are not.. :(

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