You won't feel a thing...

Ah.. doctors...
You know how much I detest love going to see them.
Well, today I was back to see mine and when I was done she then sent me on my merry way to get some blood work done.
Getting blood drawn is not really my cup of tea.
I don’t have an issue with seeing blood just prefer not too, kwim.

Heads up, there is a story coming up so you might want to get comfy.
Whenever I am sent for blood work I always have a flash back to when I was a kiddo.
You see when I was 10 I was in getting blood work done, the technician had finished getting the two vials of blood from me (remember they were glass back then), placed them on the edge of the counter and then came back to place a band aid on me.
When to our horror the vials rolled off and shattered.
The other staff quickly came and cleaned it up but that image of my blood all over the floor is forever etched in my memory.
Once all the commotion was over they then told me they had to redraw my blood.
You have to be kidding me but they were quite serious and determined.
Sigh.. that was so not a fun day.

Today, the woman who took my blood was very nice, she told me while chatting away that I would not feel a thing and I didn't!
Thank You!
Sometimes it hurts like the dickens and you feel like you have just been harpooned, today was not one of those days. *phew*
I survived but now I am done for the day.
Oh and I get to see my Dr. again on Monday.
I am so lucky!

Linda said...

I was a nurse and I started Iv's and drew blood and seen operations but I still get woozy when I get my blood drawn. My sister can faint if she sees blood.

Unknown said...

I understand Sandi believe me. FOr the past 2 years I have had my blood drawn at least once a month and sometimes twice. Unsurprisingly that kinda gets you over it. Hope the tests all come back fine.

Sandy said...

Thanks Sarah. My fingers are crossed.

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