I had to ship my best buddy out earlier this week to be fixed.
This past summer the eject button for the CF card stopped working and I was crestfallen that I would have to get it looked at. I have/had taken extra gentle care of the camera only to have this boo-boo happen.
Finally, with soccer over, and holidays out of the way I could ship it back to get it fixed while under warranty.
I am a nervous wreck now waiting for it to return safe and sound back to me.
You will have to work with me while I use dh's Kodak camera for the time being.

I don't have very good luck with his camera; my hands shake too much and end up with the dreaded red hand when I snap pictures.
The camera does take wonderful pictures you just need to have the right person behind the lens.
I will sit, twiddle my thumbs and wait for my buddy to be returned safely back to me.

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