So there I was yesterday sitting in the mom mobile waiting for Spencer to be let out of school.
This time tends to be my reading time - roughly thirty minutes or so.
Yesterday I was quite early after running a few errands, no biggie; I'll just park back a bit so that I am not too far up in line for Spencer.
As I am sitting there reaching over for my book another car zips in front of me, in that extra room that I left.
The next thing I notice is that this woman whips out a huge (and I mean industrial size) can of hairspray and starts spraying her hair.
You could see perfectly see the cloud that was forming around her in the car.
The wind was pretty strong but her hair looked perfect not a strand out of place.
Did she really need any more on her hair?
Then again who am I to question what she is doing?
Once she was done spraying, she did a quick glance in the rear view mirror, tossed the can down and opened up the newspaper to read.
I sat there totally stunned.

You might think this is a younger woman but no, it is a woman who is in her late 60's.
I know people do strange things in their cars, I'm not sure that this falls into that category but for some reason it just baffles me.

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