I'm green...

No, no not with envy.

I was soaping today.
Somehow I think you knew I was going to say that.
I was washing up some items to clean out the sink when I said to myself, " You should shake the dye up to make sure it is totally mixed."
I put the items in the dishwasher and grabbed the bottle of green dye.
Then I gave the bottle two good shakes and before I knew it FD&C dye was all over me, the countertop, dishwasher and some dots on the floor.
One ruined t-shirt from the Atlanta Aquarium but countertop and floor are all clean now.
My neck and upper chest are a nice shade of green.
Off to wash up with a sugar scrub.
Let's hope that it does the job, I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow and really don't feel like explaining.
It is always something.

Mental Note: Make sure the cap is screwed down tight before shaking.

Unknown said...

Oh my sorry for having a giggle, but that's quite a picture you painted! Hope you get rid of the 'hulk' look before the Dr!

Sandy said...

lol.. the hulk look..
I am looking a bit better now but I still have two huge dots under my chin. Perhaps my Dr. will not notice...one can hope.

Anonymous said...

Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhh- you didn't mention this little stinker!! I'm sorry!!

Sandy said...

mm... yeah... some things are best left unsaid.. esp. when one turns a bit green from a boo-boo. :)

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