I was sleeping so soundly (for once) when it happened.
Thunder - a window rattling clap of thunder.
I rolled over to see that it was 2 am.
The dogs woke up, with Teddy jumping up on the bed shaking like a leaf (poor fellow).
The rain that soon came along was so heavy.
With my heart racing, I was tried to relax and just fall back asleep.
Just about the time I closed my eyes (2:35 now), fully relaxed and calm there was a bright flash.
Yup, another heart stopping clap of thunder.
This time it shook the house; dh woke up and said, "Wow-that is some storm."
He also asked me if I was alright, which I was- sort of.
I have never heard such loud thunder as what I experienced last night.
When I finally fell back asleep it was around 3:15 am and then I proceeded to wake up every hour there after.

A little fact about me: While living in Upstate NY as a kid, our house was struck by lightening. It blew quite a bit of the electronics in the house and cracked our chimney quite severely. We were very lucky and since then I have hard time with thunder storms.

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