They arrived....

Our boxes that we had to *cough*ship home*cough* because there was not enough
room in the car from the holiday trip to Pa.
Did I forget to mention that we shipped some boxes?!
Silly me.
Yeah, you see my MIL gave us a leather recliner (mint condition) so we fit it in the back of dh's car and stuffed as much of our stuff around, in, under, over as we could to get home.
Talk about feeling like a can of tuna.
However, there were quite a few items that we could not squeeze in no matter how hard we so we left them to be shipped back to us.
They arrived safe and sound today.
Now to unpack them.

Kerry McKibbins said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I too am in my 40's and a little off kilter so I'll be back!

Sandy said...



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