Ah.. sweet soap success!

It was a happy moment this morning when I unwrapped the soap I made last night.
Just how I wanted it to work out.
I feel better now.

Karen said...

That soap is gorgeous...and I don't even care how it smells...teach me...and will you sell me some?

Sandy said...

*blush* Thank you.
If things go as I hope, you will be able to purchase some from me through Etsy in a few weeks. The soap needs to cure before I can sell. :) I can send you some links if you would like to learn how to make soap. just pop me an email @ phizzingtub@hotmail.com

FlipFlop Mom said...

That looks amazing.. and good enough to even "EAT"!!!!!

Sandy said...

*shuffles foot*
Aww.. thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's knock-me-over gorgeous!!! Fabulous job!!

How is it scented?

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